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Of course, you heard about Nano technology. It’s a fast growing technology with new applications every month. Here is a food related one.

microwavable nano wine 
‘Nano wine’ is created by koert van mensvoort, hendrik-jan grievink, and ruben daas for amsterdam-based design studio Next Nature.
They used the principles of nano encapsulation to produce a wine whose taste can be modified by the activation of different
flavour particles via microwave. The Nano wine is part of the ‘nano supermarket’ which was shown at the Dutch Design week in Eindhoven. In the nano supermarket they showed nanotech products capable of being mass produced within the next ten years.

read how it’s done on designboom


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Styles, tv-shows, tendencies, magazines…all about food. Food is integrated in everything and became a lifestyle. You can define who you are by the choice of what you eat. People identify themselves as vegetarian, as raw food eaters, around a chef or a restaurant. Food festivals are a growing thing.

Other businesses see that and use it for their own benefit. Think about fashion, film, theater, design, technology. New production methods pop up, new ways of packing. Even designers use food and take it out of their traditional context. This drift to innovate leads to extreme ways of expression.

Like the designer Tiffany Row with her collection “Ephemeral”, the jewellery collection consists of very unusual ingredients – necklaces made of roses, berries, grapes, mushroom and even intestines and tripe!

A word from designer Tiffany Rowe on inspiration behind the collection:

“Having studied biology, I’m in constant admiration of the simple but perfect beauty of nature that surrounds us. However, living in Geneva city I’m also confronted by luxury, wealth and trivia. It’s a bit of a paradox, really. Walking back from the market, I suddenly had the bold idea of creating a jewellery collection that no one could buy or own, and would only exist a short moment – sufficient to be immortalised by photography, but no longer. With fresh ingredients bought from the florist, farmer and even the butcher, I set about creating sculptural necklaces, largely inspired by 16th century portrait paintings. Wishing to steer away from current consumerism, I draped a model in silk taffeta and “constructed” the jewellery directly on her. In the manner of Oscar Wilde’s character Dorian Gray, I secretly dreamed being able to suspend time, yet by the end of the afternoon the roses had withered and the fruit had dried. I rather liked the idea that this ephemeral collection could not be possessed and that all that would remain of it would be six images, memory of the odours and the pleasure I had in imagining it.”

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Our catering is not futureproof is a sure thing to say. When nature loses her power she usually creates a huge shock to bring back the balance. It would be better if we help nature with that and seek for balance at all times. According to ‘nieuw vers’ (new fresh)people with courage can do that. Building the Food revolution is a petition. People who sign this petition say: I want to renew our consumption, I want to take responsibility and I dare to choose. I want to break down wall en build something together. I want to use my knowledge en talent to work on a healthy, honest en delicious future. Everyone one of them has got to work on it. The sum of all these actions en initiatives together will bring a swell which is unstoppable.

Some examples:
Don’t waste anything!
Try to produce local, it brings less damage to nature.
Think economic, ecologic, ethic and aesthetic!
Make sure food production and consumption is in balance.

All these actions make a better future. Because when we continue like this, Food will become rare!
Sign the petition here 

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That sounds strange of course, who would advertise with that? Nobody right…Well you might be surprised!
TOMS is brand who sells shoes and sunglasses. For every shoe you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.
So you can help TOMS share and that sharing is because of the you, therefor you share!
Not only do they share shoes but also eye wear. For every sold eye wear product they give sight to a person in need.
April 10th was a day dedicated to people who don’t have shoes and walk bare feet all day, every day.
Check it out at: www.onedaywithoutshoes.com and don’t forget to sign up for next years day without shoes!


What a great initiative, sharing is hot right now!
They are totally transparent about their giving side.  Check their ‘Giving Report’ for all the details: Why give shoes? How does it work? Where does TOMS give? Finally, get the answers to your questions about the Giving side of TOMS.

You can order your TOMS here: http://www.toms.com/

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Lindy & Grundy, two tough women are conquering the foodscene of Los Angeles. These women know how to handle a knife and use it daily in their butcher’s shop. They sell only hormone and antibiotic free meat and buy their meat at local farmers.
Who can afford to waste anything in a time of crisis? Exactly…! These ‘Nose to tail’ butchers use every bit of the meat and do not waste a thing. Everything they do is transparent, a true craft, local and free of junk! Who wouldn’t love that?
Check it out at 

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Share Some Sugar enables consumers to lend and borrow rarely used items with their neighbors while earning some extra cash.
Owners and borrowers sign up with the site and create a profile, including the neighborhood in which they live. The owners indicate what kind of items they want to share and the rates they´d like to be paid by those who borrow the items. The borrowers start searching by entering their wanted object and their ZIP code. The sites gives several products which are the nearest. Borrowers can send a request through the site; if accepted, owner and borrower meet up and make the transaction.
When being in a crisis it’s nice to be able to share your goods with others!
Why buy when you can borrow….So… Share it!

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Because cities get more crowded every day and almost half of the world population lives in the city. That city has to stay livable, so people do gureilla gardening and others buy bikes to move faster in all the traffic jams. Levi makes a hit with this collection because those city people are probably dying for a good jacket which does not get wet without making a fool of themselves by wearing a raincoat. A perfect solution, Levi´s clothes mask sweaty smells and does not get wet easily. Just watch the movie and see for yourselves.

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