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This info graphic can explain Storytelling a lot better than I can:

In this videos below Coca Cola shows their vision on Storytelling. From one way storytelling to dynamic storytelling and from customers insights to  provocations.

“Every contact point with a customer should tell an emotional story. Coke must focus on stories that show a commitment to making the world a better place,”


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A long time ago games were created for people to have fun, that was all! Fun with Family, Fun with Friends, classmates etc.
Now a days we use fun to learn! So fun isn’t just fun anymore! Of course we learn much easier when we have fun.

In our so called spare time we have still a million obligations! Busy, Busy, Busy is all you hear.
So we are happy when we fined out that an obligation like learning can be combined with Fun!
So hundreds of apps are now on the market combing those two!
And don’t forget games which learn you to type. In my days I typed letters and after that sentence without any story or game.
Now you can safe a planet while learning to type.

Or look at this watch. Not just a watch but a way to train your brain in a fun way in a little spare time!

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Some can’t live without the two and some think they don’t match at all.
Alcohol and Sports together can be a good combination says the community of Utrecht, but conditions are required!
Utrecht motivates sport communities to sign a covenant. The covenant gives boundaries to drinking in the sport kantine.

Experiences indeed show that sports and alcohol do not always match and are in need of boundries.

A few examples of those boundries:
– bartenders and coaches get workshops about responsible use of alcohol and how to pass on that thought to the visiters

– in those sport kantines you are legally allowed to buy alcohol on the age of 18 and not 16.

Want to know more about the covenant, click here! (dutch)

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In the summer I love walking bare feet but it is not always so hygienic and appropriate. These flipflops give you the feeling like your walking on bare feet at all times! A natural and authentic way of walking on flip flops!

So how much do you like walking on bare feet? Click here for some more pictures!


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On first sight, it’s ugly and not fashionable at all! But….there are a few benefits to discuss about this red ‘shoe’.
It is called the Topless Shoes which is easy to explain while looking at it. There are no upper constrictions or bindings. It’s just a warm cushy hole. The elastic layer called ‘muscle’ under the foot encloses it in a firm yet comfortable grip. It could be ideal for several target groups who do not easily put on their shoes. What do you think of the aged ones, the disabled, the ones with obese, the wounded, or even you: when your in a hurry.
It’s all about convience!

Read more. I’m curious to know what you think of this!

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An eye-catcher on the Dutch Tourism Expo was the completely sustainable stand of EDventure. Ten years ago Ed Smit left Holland for Costa Rica to start a sustainable project.  Now he has a travel agency where people can book a vacation to Central America. They try to tell you a story in stead of a business conversation. EDventure support 8 social or sustainable projects in Central Africa which you can visit while being on vacation. EDventure takes you off the beaten track which makes this a special travel agency. Their motto is: Find Edventure and Life Your Dream.
Another special think about this stand is that a few customers where there. They told their stories to visitors of the Expo. It’s the experience that counts not the amount of bookings!

Here you could cycle your own juice on a bamboo bike! You could also participate in a workshop to learn how to make a bamboo bike!
In the mood for a VACATION? I know I am!

For Dutch information click here

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Down under summer just started while we are desperately waiting for it to come. To welcome the new season Strongbow launched a kiss-ass campaign.
The Australian cider company celebrated it by sending surfers in glow-in-the-dark garments to Bondi Beach, which is an amazing sight.
On the eve of summer 17 surfers went in the ocean and surfed their way glowing into summer.

Check this movie out which is made by the legendary surfing filmmaker Jack McCoy.
A great way to use sport for branding purposes.

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