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Styles, tv-shows, tendencies, magazines…all about food. Food is integrated in everything and became a lifestyle. You can define who you are by the choice of what you eat. People identify themselves as vegetarian, as raw food eaters, around a chef or a restaurant. Food festivals are a growing thing.

Other businesses see that and use it for their own benefit. Think about fashion, film, theater, design, technology. New production methods pop up, new ways of packing. Even designers use food and take it out of their traditional context. This drift to innovate leads to extreme ways of expression.

Like the designer Tiffany Row with her collection “Ephemeral”, the jewellery collection consists of very unusual ingredients – necklaces made of roses, berries, grapes, mushroom and even intestines and tripe!

A word from designer Tiffany Rowe on inspiration behind the collection:

“Having studied biology, I’m in constant admiration of the simple but perfect beauty of nature that surrounds us. However, living in Geneva city I’m also confronted by luxury, wealth and trivia. It’s a bit of a paradox, really. Walking back from the market, I suddenly had the bold idea of creating a jewellery collection that no one could buy or own, and would only exist a short moment – sufficient to be immortalised by photography, but no longer. With fresh ingredients bought from the florist, farmer and even the butcher, I set about creating sculptural necklaces, largely inspired by 16th century portrait paintings. Wishing to steer away from current consumerism, I draped a model in silk taffeta and “constructed” the jewellery directly on her. In the manner of Oscar Wilde’s character Dorian Gray, I secretly dreamed being able to suspend time, yet by the end of the afternoon the roses had withered and the fruit had dried. I rather liked the idea that this ephemeral collection could not be possessed and that all that would remain of it would be six images, memory of the odours and the pleasure I had in imagining it.”


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The picture above shows a Sleepbox created by the firm Arch Group. It’s is a unit in public places where you can sleep in.
There are beds, tables, ventilation system, sound alerts, television, wireless internet access, power sockets, extra luggage space under lounges. You can rent them for a amount of time. This could be half an hour our several hours.
The first Sleepbox can be seen in Moscow’s airport.

People make long hours and working and living combines more and more. The need for a place to charge yourselves is getting bigger. The Sleepbox is helping a lot to fulfill this need. The Sleepbox offers a substitute home. On the road many people wish to have a place for their own and even a bed to lie on. This is now possible. In Moscow you can rent your substitute home and experience peace in one of the crowded places on earth!



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